Discover fine foods from around Shropshire at Deliciate

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Discover fine foods from around Shropshire at Deliciate

Deliciate specialise in produce sourced from artisanal suppliers from around Shropshire. One of the latest additions to Shrewsbury’s High Street, we caught up with the team at Deliciate to find out how it came to be and how they’re getting on after six months trading.

Nicky Peters and Kate Nore are the brains behind Deliciate. The friends met five years ago at antenatal classes with their first children, the pair were looking for flexibility and a better work/life balance. They looked at buying an existing delicatessen. However, they had a clear vision of what they wanted and instead decided to start from scratch.


Scouring farmers markets, local fayres and food festivals, Deliciate now source from some of Shropshire’s best independent artisan suppliers.

“The aim is not only to bring Shropshire products into the town but also promote the smaller independent, artisan suppliers who typically have no outlet for sale other than markets and direct to consumer but whose products are of excellent quality.”

The service at Deliciate is impressive. During our visit, we listened in as Kate took great pride in explaining the origin of each product to one customer. It’s not something you see at your everyday supermarket.

Being close with their suppliers, in terms of distance and working relationship means Deliciate can tell you exactly where and in many cases, who made each product.

“From the outset, we wanted to stock local food we already eat or are happy to eat ourselves and give to our children. Knowing where your food has come from and how it has been processed and what, if anything has been added to it is so key now and with the trend coming back round to local food, traceability from field to fork and reducing food miles, we naturally eat a lot of the foods at home.”


I asked Nicky if she could pick out a personal favourite, which when considering Delicate stock around 300 products/varieties at any one time is no easy task.

“Probably our fresh bread as the smell and taste takes a lot to beat! There was a real issue with us getting locally baked fresh, good tasting bread before we opened and we had a dilemma as to where we were happy to source it from. Luckily we were in touch with Swifts from Ludlow, who have been making great bread for many years, who now deliver daily to us meaning we can offer a great range of different staple and artisan breads to our customers, including flavoured and sourdough daily. So much so that we have a regular customer base who have orders they come in to collect from us. We have so many other fantastic products to choose from and with over 300 lines/flavours of stock in store at any one time that really is an extremely hard one to answer!”


As well as a range of staple and artisan breads delivered fresh daily, you’ll also find Robert Swift’s book, Born & Bread. I picked up a copy following an exchange on Twitter and I’ll be posting an overview of the book once I’ve had chance to bake a few of his recipes. So stay tuned.


“Feedback from the customers has been brilliant all round. Customers are happy that they can now buy Shropshire products they buy or bought regularly elsewhere in the county, not previously available in Shrewsbury or only at HEFF (before they closed); that Shrewsbury as a ‘Foodie’ town now has a high street presence showcasing our fantastic Shropshire produce; that local town residents just generally happy they can buy local and fresh produce, especially bread, in the town centre and tourists happy they can take food gifts back from the town/county they have visited.”

Deliciate is a welcome addition to the streets of Shrewsbury. We picked up a number of treats and had a great time exploring the shop. You’ll find Deliciate at 2 High Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. You can find out more on Facebook and you’ll also find them on Twitter.


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